Of Swords & Men

New Town ...lets have a drink..
New town

After a night of Sailing through Storm’s and seeing sights not to be forgotten,
Dante has sailed the ship into port.
Now, the best part is how you influence people in a bar.
Maybe Kaleb can tell you what went on…..LOL!


In the Begining
Starting point

The Pitch & roll makes you feel sick…
What happened, man your head hurts..as you slowly begin to focus on your souroundings.
Smoke, blood, Hey!! WAITCAPTAIN!!! All around you are dead..or as much they should be with the
Cuts and burn marks on them. You check yourself and find that you are not.
The Ship, Elizabeth Shale, seems intact…but plundered.
The crew of 25 all dead. Looks as if that Devil Hook Hand got the better of ya.
Damn Hook Hand & all that follow him, Damn them all to the gullet of a sea snake!
You check around and see that you are not alone; a few mates of yours also managed to escape the
pain of Hook Hand. You see that they have drag anchored you…pehaps to come back for the ship.
But, why not take it with a prize crew?
Something drove them away, and that means that they will be back.
Looks as if the pay day will be a little late in coming this month.

So here is the Starting point for the group….


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